Airport Accommodation

What does Gatwick Airport Offer?

London is a financial hub, and a tourist destination notices many people flow in yearly. London has a robust infrastructure, and that shows in its airports. The second largest airport in the UK that has many airlines operating to and fro is the Gatwick Airport. It has both budget and traditional airlines, and it is approximately 30 miles from south of central London.

With over 30 million passengers and 300,000 aircraft speaks volume about it. This airport provides flexible access to Brighton, Chichester, Guildford, and Southampton. Today, the airport operates flights to more than 200 destinations across the world and is used by more than 400 tour operators and 100 airlines. Hilton Hotel Gatwick, Bloc Hotel Gatwick, are some of the hotels in gatwick airport. So why should you choose Gatwick Airport?

Extra information about hotels in gatwick airport


Planning the trip and getting all the details in a place is strenuous. Gatwick Airport makes traveling convenient and more comfortable and eliminates the tension of traveling by reliably providing airport transportation services. They have a good reputation and a lot of experience when it comes to airport transportation offering various options.

Gatwick Airport Bars, Hotels & Restaurants

Hotels in Gatwick Airport may be just the answer you need whether you need somewhere to rest with your family while heading to your holiday destination in the Gulf of Mexico. With plenty of choices to select from both on and off-site terminals, you have lots of options to make your trip enjoyable. There are also many world-class food outlets, bar, and restaurants at gatwick airport. Most Gatwick restaurant and bars are open 3 am to cater to travelers who are catching early flights and all are within walking distance. They include Caffe Nero, Starbucks, Caviar House & Prunier, just to name a few.


Safety and Security in the airport are paramount because this industry has acquired increasingly attracting terrorist and criminals who attempt to use civil aviation to promote malicious interest. Gatwick Airport has the latest security gadgets in place, making it difficult to achieve any impulsive attack. Their state of the art security system also makes a coordinated attack impossible to plan and execute.


London Gatwick Airport offers a variety of facilities to ease your journey while traveling with kids. For example, games, dedicated play areas, and changing facilities. They now have special family assistance lanes for both arriving and departing and families, which are more spacious, providing extra, help and support when going through security.